Industrial Crane Fleet

CEI Crane & Rigging has a fleet of industrial cranes ready to perform. Our diverse crane fleet offers cranes that range from 8 to 240 Tons, with many of our cranes & lifts specifically engineered to fit in tight areas such as crowded warehouses or manufacturing facilities. We can complete any heavy equipment lifting job, regardless of space available or weight of the machinery to be moved.

Cranes & Lifts

  • 240 Ton Grove All-Terrain
  • 225 Ton Grove All-Terrain
  • 165 Ton Grove All-Terrain
  • 125 Ton Grove All-Terrain
  • 110 Ton Liebherr All-Terrain
  • 90 Ton Liebherr All-Terrain
  • 75 Ton Liebherr All-Terrain
  • 75 Ton Mobilift Pick and Carry
  • 75 Ton Twinlift Pick and Carry
  • 50 Ton Grove Hydraulic Truck Crane
  • 2x 35 Ton Grove Rough Terrain
  • 30 Ton Grove Rough Terrain
  • 15 Ton Broderson Industrial Crane
  • 8.5 Ton Grove Industrial Crane
  • 8 Ton Grove Industrial Crane

Boom Trucks

  • 45 Ton National Boom Truck
  • 30 Ton Manitex Boom Truck

Interested in learning more about our industrial crane services? Visit our crane rigging services page or contact us for more information.