Safety Standards

Standards are agreed-upon ways of doing things, whether it’s making a product, managing a process or providing a service. Some standards are set by regulatory bodies like OSHA that oversee organizations, while other standards are set by the organization itself to establish expected benchmarks for its employees.

When it comes to safety standards, CEI Crane & Rigging fully adheres to all required third-party standards, including all OSHA regulations and rules. Beyond just compliance, every one of our operators has gone above and beyond, earning their Certified Crane Operators card. The certification is provided by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators and is recognized by OSHA and ANSI as demonstration that the card holders have the knowledge and skills critical to safe crane operation.

Internally, we set additional safety standards to ensure that our people constantly protect their safety and the safety of our customers, their property and their premises. A few elements of our comprehensive safety program include:

  • Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, including pre-employment, post-accident and random drug checks.
  • Safety incentive program, providing tangible rewards to recognize and encourage safe behavior.
  • OSHA 10-hour training, ensuring that every employee understands how to recognize and prevent hazards on a construction site.
  • Constant safety evaluationsincluding job-hazard analyses, near-miss investigations, frequent field-safety inspections and regular equipment inspections.
  • Independent risk-management consultant, a third-party safety expert who inspects and evaluates our safety-related activities.

Ensuring site safety requires involvement and commitment from our clients as well. CEI safety personnel work with each client, discussing site- and job-specific safety issues as well as general safety practices. We would be glad to share our Safety Manual and any other information regarding our safety policies and practices.

We are proud of our exceptional safety record and are intensely focused on maintaining an accident- and injury-free record.