Heavy Haul Machinery Movers

When your heavy machinery needs to be moved, CEI Crane & Rigging provides the skilled team and tough rigging equipment to get the job done. We provide heavy equipment storage, too, to help you accommodate any project, schedule, or timeline.

Heavy Haul Moving

With more than 50 years of experience in machinery moving and crane services, we specialize in heavy machinery transportation, including hauling objects with large dimensions and overweight loads. We offer international crating and shipping services to ensure your equipment is protected during transport. And we do it all with a professionally certified team of riggers and millrights.

Warehousing and Equipment Storage Services

We also provide warehousing services to securely store your equipment when not in use. When project timelines or shipping schedules require delivery in stages, we offer equipment storage services to hold it all until you take final delivery.

With 42,000 square feet of heated indoor space, plus an electronic inventory system, 24/7 security monitoring, and an additional 8 acres of outdoor space, our storage facility in Canton, Ohio, provides turnkey solutions for your storage needs.

Heavy Haul Trucking Services

Complete transportation services for oversized, overweight loads.

Machinery Moving

Full service, end-to-end moving services for your heavy machinery, including rigging and crane services.

Warehousing Services

Secure, climate-controlled or outdoor storage to safeguard your machinery and equipment.