How Qualified Millwrights Can Add Value to Your Next Machinery Move

Millwrights are a key part of the team at CEI Crane & Rigging. They install, dismantle, repair and reinstall heavy industrial machinery, from conveyor systems to generators. Read on to learn how a qualified millwright will add value to your next machinery move.


Our millwrights are always up to date on the latest safety standards and certifications. While working in a variety of potentially dangerous environments, they must be extremely knowledgeable regarding safety requirements for every situation. When millwrights are part of a machinery move, they not only focus on keeping themselves safe, but also the safety of those around them, while keeping accurate reports and logs. Attention to safety details doesn’t stop when they leave. Part of their job is to keep informed of safety hazards that might appear when they’re no longer at the worksite, as well.


Our team of millwrights has an abundance of skills ranging in various applications and industries including construction and maintenance. We understand that no two jobs are the same, so a wide skillset is necessary. Whether a project is in the manufacturing industry or the construction industry, Canton Erector’s millwrights dismantle and reassemble your equipment with superior attention to detail and according to exact OEM specifications.


Our industrial millwright services go beyond just initial installation and equipment moving. Our team also provides scheduled maintenance and repairs to your machinery that needs attention.

Interested in learning how a qualified millwright will add value to your next machinery move? Contact us today.