SECO Machine Move

The Client

Established in 1985, Seco Machine is an industry leader in comprehensive contract manufacturing and metal machining, including turning, milling and grinding. In 2010, the company expanded its capabilities to include custom cast urethane production and compression molded parts. Seco’s ancillary services include warehousing, production sawing, light assembly, heat treatments, coatings and specialty packaging.

The Customer Need

Driven by high customer demand, Seco Machine has experienced tremendous growth, and the company needed to move to a larger building to continue production. With multiple production lines containing large and heavy machinery, Seco Machine turned to its trusted partner of more than 20 years to handle the move. That partner was CEI Crane & Rigging.

Solution Summary

Case Study

As Seco Machine added new manufacturing services and expanded into new markets, it’s no surprise that the company outgrew its North Canton production plant. As they built their new manufacturing plant in Green, Ohio, the company needed a team they could trust to move all their machines to the new location, while also adhering to a tight timeline and production schedule.

“[We] felt CEI was the best fit as we have worked with them for more than 20 years,” said Seco Machine Senior Vice President and General Manager Thomas Seccombe.

As a trusted partner, has handled nearly 99 percent of Seco’s machine moves and past plant relocations.

Once they found the right team, they needed to find the right time for the move. The manufacturing company needed to move from the 7300 block on Whipple Avenue NW in Jackson Township to its new 120,000 square-foot facility in Green at the corner of Mayfair Road and Greensburg Road. Although it was only a short distance, needed to coordinate move around Seco Machine’s production schedule.

“Our team needed to be extremely flexible in scheduling,” said CEI Crane & Rigging President Brian Selinsky. “We needed to move things around on our end, so that we could meet their schedule and meet their production goals. We moved just a few machines at a time, typically one or two a week, until everything was moved.”

The CEI Crane & Rigging team used a suite of forklifts and trucks to make the transition as smooth as possible.

“CEI Crane & Rigging moved a variety of large machines for Seco, including Samsung, Herco (several of both models in the 25-ton range) and other 3-ton-style Samsungs,” said Seco Machine Maintenance Supervisor Dennis Stewart.

From dismantling to transporting and reassembling, CEI Crane & Rigging experienced millwright team was able to take care of every aspect of the move. The project was complete within three months, without slowing down Seco’s production.

“It always rewarding for us to help a customer continue to grow their business,” said Selinsky. “We always strive to deliver the best service to our customers right from the start, regardless of their size. As any business owner would tell you, sometimes it’s your smaller customers who end up becoming your largest customers over the years.”