Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Client

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Customer Need

The Pro Football Hall of Fame hosts an annual Enshrinement Ceremony and professional game, attracting thousands to Northeast Ohio each year. In 2018, the festivities were planned to be larger than ever, requiring heavy-duty equipment to erect a massive stage and lighting setup on a tight deadline. The challenge was to execute the setup without causing damage to the field in the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

Solution Summary

Having collaborated with the Hall of Fame since 2014, CEI Crane & Rigging played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the 2018 events. Understanding the unique requirements of the job, CEI Crane & Rigging provided a 225-ton Grove GMK5225 and a 240-ton Grove GMK 5240 to set up the stage, lighting towers, and lights. The precision in timing and adherence to project specifications allowed for the job to be completed efficiently without causing damage to the surrounding field.

Established Partnership

CEI Crane & Rigging, with a history of collaboration since 2014, worked closely with the Hall of Fame event organizers. Their established relationship allowed for a seamless understanding of the job requirements and weight specifications necessary for the successful setup.

Specialized Equipment Deployment

To meet the demands of the elaborate setup, CEI Crane & Rigging deployed a 225-ton Grove GMK5225 and a 240-ton Grove GMK 5240. These industrial cranes were chosen for their capabilities to handle the weight requirements and execute the task without causing harm to the field.

Precise Timing and Efficient Setup

The schedule demanded precise timing to assemble the stage and clear the field before the commencement of the busy enshrinement festivities. CEI Crane & Rigging demonstrated efficiency in executing the setup, ensuring a smooth transition from construction to the main events of the week.

Successful Outcome

The result was a beautiful, well-lit stage that served as the centerpiece for the week’s enshrinement ceremonies and events, including a concert attended by thousands of football players, fans, and locals. The Pro Football Hall of Fame organizers expressed extreme satisfaction with CEI Crane & Rigging’ work, leading to continued collaboration for their demanding crane and rigging projects each year during the Hall of Fame festival.

Responsive Customer Service

CEI Crane & Rigging’ commitment to understanding the unique needs of the Pro Football Hall of Fame events and delivering precise solutions underscores their dedication to responsive customer service.


In meeting the challenges of the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame events, CEI Crane & Rigging showcased their expertise in crane and rigging services. Their ability to provide specialized equipment, execute precise timing, and ensure a successful outcome solidified their position as a trusted partner for the Hall of Fame festival’s demanding projects.