Mazzella Lifting Technologies

The Client

Mazzella Lifting Technologies provides quality solutions for lifting, rigging and warehouse applications across a wide range of industries. Along with lifting technologies, Mazzella offers industrial fall protection such as lifelines that keep workers at an elevated height safe.

The Customer Need

The Timken Company, a world-leading manufacturer of bearings and mechanical power transmission products, tasked Mazzella with providing fall protection solutions. Between the large scope of this multi-plant project and its tight turnaround, finding an installation partner that could handle the whole job was crucial.

Solution Summary

  • Lifeline installation
  • Welding
  • Project management and reporting

“CEI’s professionalism and their commitment to the project ensured that we kept our promises.”

Case Study

Beginning in 2017, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) enacted new hazard regulations for all individuals working at an elevated height. To comply with these tougher rules, The Timken Company needed to install horizontal lifelines throughout their Northern Ohio manufacturing facilities.

“Timken was aware of the upcoming fall protection regulations and knew that non-compliance was simply not an option,” said Mazzella Project Manager Clyde Shelter. 

The project presented two key challenges that the team needed to overcome – working on a large scale under a tight timeline.

“The scale of this project was truly massive,” said Kevin Muldoon, Mazzella Project Manager. “Over five miles of lifeline arrest equipment needed to be installed throughout 15 plants. Plus, Timken couldn’t just shut down on our behalf. All the installation had to occur on off-shifts and weekends.”

For the project to be successful, Mazzella needed a partner that could provide seamless project management. That’s when they turned to CEI.

“CEI brought a lot to the table,” said Shelter. “They had the expertise to install an extensive solution, certified welders on staff and the ability to provide complete project management.” 

CEI’s previous experience with The Timken Company also added value to the team. “They [CEI] were already an approved contractor at Timken,” said Muldoon. “It made the entire process that much smoother.”

Shelter said CEI exceeded Mazzella’s expectations from day one. “From the beginning, this installation was on an accelerated schedule,” he said. “The project management they provided helped us get started in under two weeks.”

Throughout the project, CEI acted as Mazzella’s representative, which included creating schedules and coordinating the day-to-day operations for up to 15 technicians.

“Mark Grayson and the CEI team were our guys on the ground — and in the air,” said Shelter.

Mazzella has an established reputation for providing the correct solutions delivered on time, so it was crucial for CEI to maintain that level of service.

“CEI’s professionalism and their commitment to the project ensured that we kept our promises,” said Muldoon.

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