Safety Incentive Program

They say that safety is its own reward, and it’s true that there is no greater payoff for working safely than to go home at the end of the day safe, healthy and injury free. But we understand that employees can sometimes lose their safety focus, so we take extra steps to ensure that safety is always at the forefront of their thoughts.

The CEI Safety Incentive Program encourages that safety focus by rewarding employees who demonstrate consistent or outstanding attention to working safely. The rewards aren’t big or expensive – mainly CEI merchandise and other in-house incentives. Still, they provide tangible, regular reminders to keep safety first.

We encourage our employees to get the job done as quickly as possible. We expect employees to treat our customers and their assets with consideration and care. But above all else, we demand that every employee works in a way that ensures their safety and the safety of everyone on the job site.

To encourage our employees to go above and beyond when it comes to working safely, rewards in the form of company T-shirts, apparel and other items provide much-appreciated incentives. 

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