4 Considerations When Choosing a Heavy Equipment Transport Company

Regardless of the heavy machinery you’re moving, your heavy equipment transport company needs to be safe and reliable. Consider these four things when evaluating companies: expertise in the field, a reliable track record, proper licensing and certifications, and customer referrals. Read on to learn more.


Moving heavy equipment is a difficult task that shouldn’t be entrusted to just any company. When looking for a transport company, it’s important to find one with a well-trained, expert team to safely transport your valuable equipment. For example, the CEI Crane & Rigging team brings decades of industry experience and adheres to strict safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI.


When vetting equipment transport companies, do research to find one with a positive reputation. What kinds of equipment have they hauled in the past? What kinds of haul trucks and trailers do they use for heavy equipment transport? Check company accident reports as well and make sure they operate by stringent safety guidelines. Look for a credible company with a number of positive online reviews from past clients. You can also browse websites for case studies featuring past client projects.


Make sure your potential equipment transport company is licensed and insured in your state, with the proper certifications to get the job done. There is always a risk when transporting heavy machinery and even when working with a reliable company, some accidents are unavoidable. If damage occurs during transit, you want to make sure you’re covered.

Start by asking your transporting company for their USDOT and MC numbers and check the data listed on FMCSA SAFER. You’ll get access to important information about their service as well as their safety rating. Another good resource for investigating company backgrounds is the Better Business Bureau.


In addition to online reviews, you can also contact the equipment transport company for direct customer referrals. When you talk to a company’s past clients first-hand, you’re more likely to receive uncensored feedback. And unlike online reviews, you’re able to ask questions and have a dialogue with the customer to gather more information.

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