CEI Crane & Rigging Adds 80-Ton Crane to Fleet Lineup

When you need a crane, you want the right crane for the job. CEI Crane & Rigging has it.

The company recently added an 80-ton crane to their lineup. The 80-ton crane joins a full range of cranes available through CEI Crane & Rigging, giving them even more flexibility to meet customer needs.

The CEI Crane & Rigging fleet includes cranes from four tons all the way up to 240 tons. This means they have the availability to pull the exact size crane needed for crane lifting and heavy haul services.

And if you need something outside of that range, they can get it.


An 80-ton crane is a mid-range crane. It can handle many commonly requested jobs for crane services and heavy haul services.

“The 80-ton crane is very handy for HVAC work, roofing jobs, heavy equipment transport and equipment relocation, setting septic tanks and machinery moving,” says Brian Selinsky, president of CEI Crane & Rigging “This is just to name a few uses. There are many jobs that can use this size crane, so it was a perfect addition to our fleet.”

The designation of 80 tons refers to how much the crane can lift at its closest radius within eight feet. The crane, manufactured by Manitowoc, features 41 – 128 feet, four-section, full-power MEGAFORM™ boom.

A recent CEI Crane & Rigging project that involved the new 80-ton crane was the installation of a sound wall that circles the new Amazon facility in Canton.


Don’t know what size crane you need? No worries. CEI Crane & Rigging has experienced project estimators who will gather the information regarding your heavy haul or lifting needs.

“Our project estimators are skilled at determining the exact size crane needed for the job,” says Selinsky. “We can base our crane service estimates from customer provided information, or we can come to your location to take measurements.”


Looking for heavy equipment hauling companies near you? If so, you want trained and certified crane operators and riggers for your heavy haul jobs. All CEI Crane & Rigging crane operators are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). All CEI Crane & Rigging riggers have completed full rigger safety training.

If you are looking for trained crane operators and riggers and the right equipment for rigging and heavy haul services, contact the experts at CEI Crane & Rigging. We have more than 50 years of experience, a skilled team and a wide range of crane options.