What You Need to Know for a Successful Plant Relocation

Do you need to relocate your factory or manufacturing plant? Are you wondering how you’ll move your heavy machinery? We get it. It can be overwhelming to think about at first. But at CEI Crane & Rigging, we have 50 years of helping companies relocate their heavy equipment. Our highly skilled team coordinates the relocation from end-to-end with the utmost care.  

But before you leave it to the experts, be sure to gather the following information. We’ll need it to be able to give you an accurate quote.  



We’ll check our schedule to ensure that our team and heavy lifting equipment are available. If you need to vacate a space before you can move, we also have 42,000 square feet of warehouse space with 24/7 security monitoring in our storage facility in Canton, Ohio.  


Where is your current plant located? Where are you moving? Our headquarters is in Canton, Ohio, but we provide heavy equipment hauling throughout the U.S. and beyond, including Mexico, Canada and overseas.  

While the distance covered during a plant relocation affects the cost, it’s important to know the cost goes beyond milage. The crucial factor is the type of rigging equipment required for the distance. For example, a long-distance relocation by truck, train or cargo ship requires different equipment and associated costs.  

In addition to the type of rigging equipment needed for the journey, we’ll need to know whether the equipment will be unloaded at the dock level or ground level. While our extensive fleet can accommodate your needs, we want to be sure we’re prepared with the right equipment.  


Weight is a crucial consideration in relocating your plant machinery. Knowing exactly what your machinery weighs helps us plan for the correct equipment.  

At CEI Crane & Rigging, we offer heavy haul trucking services, including super-sized loads, moved by teams that are licensed, certified and insured to haul heavy equipment. We’re proud to have the knowledge and commercial rigging equipment (including boom trucks, fork lifts and cranes) to be able to lift 600+ tons.  


To give the best estimate for the necessary relocation equipment, we need to know the dimensions of your machinery. Measure the largest and smallest piece, and we’ll make sure it all fits. 


In addition to the size and weight of the machinery, we need to know how many machines you need to move. That will give us a good estimate for the quantity of trucks or shipping containers that will be needed, as well as the scope of the project.  


Your manufacturing equipment is one of your company’s biggest assets. When it comes to hauling heavy equipment, you can trust the experts at CEI Crane & Rigging. We have more than 50 years’ experience helping plants relocate and move equipment and are supported by a team that is licensed, certified and insured. That means that you can have peace of mind, knowing that your equipment will be cared for by experts. Read this case study about how we helped Goodyear® Tire & Rubber move their plant smoothly.  

We also offer end-to-end coordination, including dismantling and reassembling your equipment, so that you can focus on the other details of a plant relocation.  

Relocation doesn’t have to be stressful. CEI Crane & Rigging is here to help. If you’re considering a manufacturing plant relocation, contact CEI Crane & Rigging and request a quote today!