Warehousing Solutions: What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Heavy Machinery Storage

When you need to store your heavy machinery or industrial equipment, consider outsourcing your warehousing. Outsourcing your heavy machinery storage is a secure, effective way to protect your equipment investment while staying on budget.

Below are several important considerations to take into account when choosing a company for outsourcing your heavy machinery storage.


To better organize your inventory, protect it from the elements, and keep it in top working condition, look for an expert service provider with proven experience in the secure storage of heavy equipment and machinery.

For example, at CEI Crane & Rigging, we provide full-service, turnkey solutions for:

  • Machine storage
  • Industrial equipment storage
  • Machine shop equipment storage
  • Warehousing, including industrial warehousing

No matter your needs, we have the capacity to handle it.

CEI has been in business since 1964, with an expert team who’s dedicated to the safe and secure handling and storage of your machinery and the experience to seamlessly manage the entire move as well.


The best storage and warehousing companies will have plenty of space for your machinery, even large and heavy-duty machinery. There should also be ample room for access including loading and unloading.

The location should be secure, dry, and clean. Indoor spaces should be free from debris or pests. Dirt, dust, and moisture can damage electrical cables and metal components as well as control systems. (Wrapping can be an extra layer of prevention for these delicate components.)

At CEI, we offer 42,000 square feet of heated indoor warehouse space, plus an additional 8 acres of outdoor space, at our Canton, Ohio, facility.


For outsourced warehousing, look for quality storage amenities to be sure you’re receiving the best value. These amenities may include services such as detailed inventory management, such as the kind we offer at CEI to ensure your equipment’s safety.

Also consider whether your needs require short-term storage or long-term storage, and make sure your selected provider can accommodate your schedule. Other storage amenities include pickup and transportation services and secure facilities, all of which we provide at CEI.


The final consideration in choosing a warehousing provider, though by no means least important, is cost. The right equipment storage company for your needs should fit within your budget. After all, your machinery and equipment is a vital piece of your business, and they’re crucial to getting the job done right.

Protecting your equipment with an experienced warehousing and storage company is an investment in properly stored and maintained equipment. You depend on this machinery in your business, so make sure it’s protected as well as possible to preserve its safe and effective functioning in the future.

CEI specializes in full-service warehousing and storage solutions that meet your needs as well as your budget. Depend on us to keep your machinery safe and equipment well protected.

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