Employee Spotlight: Sherri Mcmillen

Sherri McMillen

Sherri McMillen is no stranger to wearing multiple hats in her job. Before joining the CEI Crane & Rigging team, she gained more than 30 years of experience as a corporate secretary and purchasing manager for a small manufacturing company in Massillon, where she juggled everything from human resources and customer service to accounting and logistics.

 “Although experienced in office management and accounting,” said McMillen, “I also understand what it means to bring a human voice to all that we do. We are all more than the numbers we work with every day.”

Now at CEI, she handles the billing, job scheduling, quote submittals and other administrative tasks on a variety of projects at a time.

Her passion and commitment to her work makes her stand out from the crowd. “When I work for a company, I believe in its vision,” she said. “I invest in growing the business, and I hold on for the ride.”

And when she saw that CEI is a growing, family-oriented entrepreneurial organization, she was excited to be a part of the family.

“Sherri brings a real sense of urgency to her work,” said CEI President Brian Selinsky. “If someone asks for something, she’ll have it to you within minutes. She’s a strong asset to our team.”

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