Emergency Crane Service

When disaster or inclement weather strikes, you need a reliable team with the right skills and the right equipment to step in. With Canton Erectors (CEI), our emergency crane service is just a phone call away.

CEI provides emergency crane service and lift and rigging services, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our goal is to reduce costly downtime by providing businesses with fast and efficient emergency crane service response to get them back up and running quickly. Whether it’s clearing debris from storm damage or moving industrial machinery after a breakdown, we have the experienced team and advanced tools needed to respond to your emergency.

Our trained operators and drivers work across a variety of industries including construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas, to provide you with top emergency lift services. In addition to our experienced team, we offer a fleet of heavy-duty equipment — from cranes and lifts to heavy haul trucks — ready to tackle your toughest equipment-moving challenges. In addition to top tier service our operators follow all safety guidelines from OSHA, ensuring both a quality and safe job.

Call us at 330-915-7333 for immediate assistance.