Aerospace, Defense & Security

The Client

World-Renowned Aerospace, Defense, Security, and Advanced Technologies Company

The Customer Need

The client faced the complex task of relocating 32 machining tools, including massive lathes, milling machines, and other assets, from Ohio to New York. The precision required for disassembling, lifting, and reassembling these large and expensive machines demanded a specialized team and coordinated effort.

Solution Summary

A collaborative effort involving representatives from four companies ensured the successful relocation of the manufacturing operations. The team included experts from a global industrial-construction-services organization, technicians from Mazak responsible for disassembling and reassembling the machines, rigging experts from Canton Erectors handling the lifting process, and Miller Transfer providing transportation.

“The job was a tremendous success due to the relentless dedication of CEI Crane & Rigging.”

Collaborative Team Effort

The client assembled a team comprising representatives from four companies to manage the complex relocation. This included a global industrial-construction-services organization providing construction management, Mazak technicians for equipment disassembly and reassembly, rigging experts from CEI Crane & Rigging, and transportation services from Miller Transfer.

Precision Operation

The size and complexity of the equipment demanded a meticulous approach. The Mazak technicians followed precise procedures for disassembling and lifting each component during the move. The client emphasized the critical importance of executing the operation correctly due to the scale and value of the machinery involved.

Scheduling Challenges

The relocation spanned a year and a half, presenting considerable scheduling challenges. Despite the complexity and duration of the job, the client commended CEI Crane & Rigging for consistently meeting their needs and overcoming scheduling difficulties.

Professionalism and Expertise

The construction manager highlighted the professionalism of the team members, particularly praising CEI Crane & Rigging for their role in simplifying the move. With experienced operators and the right equipment, CEI Crane & Rigging contributed to making a seemingly complex job more manageable.

Problem-Solving and Experience

Experience played a crucial role in addressing challenges, especially when dealing with complicated lifts. The client noted that CEI Crane & Rigging team had the ability to quickly assess situations and find solutions. Their expertise became evident in overcoming obstacles, such as fitting equipment through doorways that initially seemed too small.

Safety and Performance

Notably, the project achieved a remarkable safety record with zero lost-time injuries. The client acknowledged the potential risks associated with unusual lifts and emphasized CEI Crane & Riggingcommitment to safety, attributing the project’s smooth progress to their meticulous approach.

Exceptional Dedication

The client praised CEI Crane & Rigging as one of the standout organizations in his experience as a construction manager. He described the job as a tremendous success, attributing it to the relentless dedication of the CEI Crane & Rigging team. Their sense of urgency to complete the installation and operation of machines in their new location was nothing short of exceptional.

Responsive Customer Service

CEI Crane & Rigging demonstrated unwavering dedication to meeting the client’s needs, ensuring a seamless relocation despite the challenges. The construction manager recognized their commitment and credited them for the project’s success.


With a collaborative and experienced approach, CEI Crane & Rigging played a pivotal role in the successful relocation of the aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies company’s manufacturing operations. Their professionalism, problem-solving abilities, commitment to safety, and exceptional dedication set them apart as a trusted partner in complex and large-scale projects. For rigging and moving services, rely on CEI Crane & Rigging to get the job done right the first time. Request a quote for their wide range of services below.