CEI Crane & Rigging Receives Business Excellence Award

Canton, Ohio (October 4th, 2022) CEI Crane & Rigging, a provider of crane, rigging and heavy haul services for more than 50 years, has been awarded a 2022 Business Excellence Award from the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber selects the business excellence award recipients, considering growth, customer service, innovation and expansion and consistent community involvement.


CEI Crane & Rigging is a leader in crane servicemachinery moving and rigging, heavy haul services and turnkey services for machine moving or entire factory relocation.

The company employs a full team of experts including leadership, estimators/project managers, crane operators and riggers. All crane operators are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).


CEI Crane & Rigging is a family-owned company. President Brian Selinsky is active in day-to-day operations, serving in this role since 2001. CEI Crane & Rigging was founded by his father, Neil Selinsky, in 1964.

The company is proud of their low turnover in employees. The company’s first two employees spent their entire working career with CEI Crane & Rigging. Building a positive work environment helps ensure career longevity, benefitting both employees and customers. When employees work together for long periods of time, they act as a finely tuned team.


When the company began, it consisted of two employees and a single crane. Today, CEI Crane & Rigging has a full team and an impressive fleet of 125 cranes, lift trucks and over-the-road vehicles. Neil Selinsky began the business with the first hydraulic crane in the area. The company has continued to innovate, adding the first gantries available in Ohio in the 80s. Recently, the company added a TwinLift and a MobilLift, which work in places not reachable by traditional cranes and lifting equipment.

CEI Crane & Rigging handles projects in Stark County as well as an ever-widening range of locations, including New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia and Oklahoma.


CEI Crane & Rigging takes safety seriously, and relies on extensive training and the deep experience levels and professional drive of their employees to plan and execute projects with the utmost safety.

The company adheres to all OSHA guidelines and rules and performs constant safety evaluations.


As a company founded in Stark County, CEI Crane & Rigging is committed to community involvement in the area. This includes more than 20 years of support for Habitat for Humanity and providing labor and equipment to move bleachers to the Pro Football Hall of Fame parade route every year.


The broad spectrum of CEI Crane & Rigging customers means the company needs to maintain a diverse and versatile fleet of equipment from a four-ton crane to a 240-ton crane (the approximate weight of a 2,500 square-foot house.)

The first location of the business was a 3,500 square foot warehouse. Today, they have multiple locations around Stark County for a total of 135,000 square feet.

“For a business to prosper and grow over time, it’s also essential to complete projects quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively,” says Brian Selinsky. “Our remarkable safety record, a roster of over 4,000 clients, and a list of more than 50,000 projects completed provides strong evidence of our success in balancing project safety with operational excellence.”

If you’d like to learn more about CEI Crane & Rigging, visit ceicranerigging.com.