5 Things to Consider for an Oversized Hauling Project

Hauling oversized machinery or heavy equipment transport can be a difficult task. For oversized hauling projects, the precise size of the load, the intended route, the rules of the road and obtaining permits are all considerations. You need the right equipment and a plan. Having a partner who is skilled in end-to-end oversized hauling can make equipment transport much easier.  

Here are five things to consider for an oversized hauling project, compiled by the team at CEI Crane & Rigging. CEI offers heavy hauling, including machinery moving, heavy equipment transport and even warehousing services. With our experience in heavy equipment hauling, we understand the process needed to prepare for and ensure a safe, uneventful oversized hauling project. These are the five things CEI’s heavy haulers would want to know so we can make your oversized hauling project a success.  

  1. Dimensions. We will need the exact dimensions of the load. This includes the height, width and length of the object. If you choose CEI as your heavy equipment hauler, we have a wide range of trailers available, including options that are lower to the ground for over-height loads. The exact dimensions allow us to produce an accurate price quote and select the right equipment for the job. Unsure about taking the measurements? No problem! CEI offers this service. We’re skilled at providing accurate measurements of oversized loads.
  2. Weight. We need the weight of the oversized load in addition to the dimensions. For loading purposes, CEI uses cranes with scales that provide an exact weight, but it’s good to have a ballpark idea for an accurate quote. Often, the manufacturer of the machinery can provide the weight. If you’re not sure where to begin determining the weight, CEI can help.

    Once we have the correct dimensions and weight, CEI will choose the right trailer for the job and the appropriate-size crane to lift the objects onto the trailer.
  3. Starting Point. We need to know the point of origin, or the location where the equipment is located, to determine the distance and equipment necessary to begin the job.
  4. Destination. CEI offers unloading and installation of machinery. The destination will determine whether we take our unloading equipment or work with our directory of reliable partners. Once we know both the starting point and the destination, CEI will plan the route and consider any possible obstacles with overweight and oversized loads. Bridges, tunnels and road construction might mean another route should be planned. There are permits involved with overweight loads and over-dimension loads. CEI can handle obtaining all the permits.
  5. Timing. What is the timing of your project? This will help CEI prepare the oversized hauling project quote and reserve our equipment. 

CEI has more than 50 years of experience in machinery moving and crane services. We specialize in heavy machinery transportation, including objects with large dimensions and overweight loads. We can even offer warehousing services, when needed, with our 42,000 square feet of heated indoor space. CEI also offers an additional eight acres of unheated, outdoor storage space.  

For end-to-end, full-service moving services for heavy machinery and oversized loads, contact us and find out how the highly skilled CEI team can assist you.